Various Producers/WHAT​!​! L’Afrique – Any Visions Of Africa [Compilation] [2018]

Various Producers/WHAT​!​! L’Afrique – Any Visions Of Africa [Compilation]
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01. It-K – Mizoh
02. Linkrust – Yaboy
03. Zajazza – Hypnotic Circles
04. Degiheugi – To Make Me Happy
05. Neighborhood – Shango
06. L.Boy.Jr – Le Sorcier Duvelle
07. Maodea – Beautiful
08. Stiko – Coffee Shop
09. Dj Marrrtin – Marrrtimba
10. Keor Meteor – Gizeh
11. Medline – Mama Africa
12. Barrio – Yemaya (BONUS)

Various Producers/WHAT​!​! L’Afrique – Any Visions Of Africa

Also Available On: WHAT!! L’Afrique – Any Visions Of Africa Cassette + Digital Album

WHAT !! Africa – Any Visions Of Africa is a project born to Marie Henri Kafé in Brittany.

The idea was trotting in our heads for a while, we had in dreams to connect all the artists who came to play at the bar, we originally thought of setting up a kind of bar label, then we said finally, it would be even better to link this to our desire to give a helping hand and to feel useful from a humanitarian point of view.
If with this project, we can share the love for music and also help a little, then we are all the more determined!
We started on the theme of “Africa” ​​in a spirit “beats”. The artists had carte blanche. Loving their work they had all our confidence.
For the charity side we have approached an association in Benin that deals with disadvantaged youth through a socio-cultural center. They have access to music lessons, cooking etc …
The compilation is available on Bandcamp free download with the system “name your price”. If there is donation, it will be directly donated to the association in Benin.
There is also a small series of cassettes (50 copies)