Dj M•ROK – Wax Nostalgic [Beat Tape] [2018]

Dj M•ROK – Wax Nostalgic [Beat Tape]
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01. M is On the Kut
02. Stuntin’
03. Korner Hustle
04. Mass Tranzit
05. Kung Fu Grip
06. Wasted
07. Photobooth
08. Biscuits
09. Holla My Name
10. All City
11. Bo$$
12. What I’m About

Dj M•ROK – Wax Nostalgic

Also Available On: Limited edition cassette tape version of Dj MROK “Wax Nostalgic” beat tape. Green transparent tape with on-body print.

It may be 2018, but the dusty break beats, jazzy horn samples, old school scratches and boom bap vibe on Wax Nostalgic are your ticket to return to hip hop’s Golden Era. Loaded with 12 underground instrumental hip hop tracks that pay tribute to ‘80s/’90s hip hop — with sound production that harkens back to mixtapes of the same era — Wax Nostalgic is perfect for your Alpine, boom box or Walkman. So dust off your old shell toes, Kangol and dookie rope and grab a can of Krylon: it’s time to Wax Nostalgic..