10.4 ROG – up&outURbody: 2014​-​2017 [Beat Tape] [2018]

10.4 ROG – up&outURbody: 2014​-​2017 [Beat Tape]
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01. the end
02. DOA
03. fam nostalgic
04. down the styx
05. hard feelins
06. wake
07. mirage
08. bye, loved one
09. slump mass
10. what’s money when u dead
11. no angel
12. visit
13. frets & regrets
14. hear u
15. spirit burial
16. they someplace else now
17. fade
18. hi, loved one
19. after the end

10.4 ROG – up&outURbody: 2014​-​2017

almost all of this music was made in oakland, CA while i was in grad school for film. along w/ “hand drawn rhythm machine”, i consider this collection a parallel thesis of sorts: a brain dump of creative impulses that i set aside while i worked on my actual film thesis, which was a short documentary about a family friend who makes his living as a professional musician.