DJ Wigs – BBQ & Baked Beats [Beat Tape] [2018]

DJ Wigs – BBQ & Baked Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. Citric Acid ft YoungFreeman
02. Memphis Dry ft DJ Wigs
03. Fresh Prince’s Hot Chicken ft SAMDAY
04. Al Greens ft DJ Wigs
05. Ludacrispy ft DJ Wigs
06. Ol’ Dirty Basted ft YoungFreeman
07. 2 Grainz ft Tengu
08. Turnip Table ft DJ Wigs
09. Macaroni ft DJ Wigs
10. Lettuce Raps ft Tengu
11. Tuna Turner ft Tengu
12. LL Cool Whip ft SAMDAY
13. Furious Five Bean Salad ft Sir Woods Brother
14. Hova D’oeuvres ft Tengu
15. Bobby Brown Mustard ft Tengu
16. NW Glaze ft Sir Woods Brother
17. Heil Seitan ft DJ Wigs
18. Afrika Bambattered ft SAMDAY
19. Medium Rare Snare ft YoungFreeeman
20. RUN DM Seasoning ft Sir Woods Brother
21. Planet of the Aprons ft Modifi
22. Stoneground Mustard ft YoungFreeman
23. Grillmatic ft DJ Wigs
24. Dilla Pickle ft YoungFreeman
25. T-Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft Tengu
26. Grits Khalifa ft DJ Wigs
27. Plant Based God ft SAMDAY

DJ Wigs – BBQ & Baked Beats

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Six different beat makers join forces to give you the backyard bbq vibes beat tape your boombox always wanted.