Haunted Gauntlet – OM3G4 G3N3SIS [Album] [2018]

Haunted Gauntlet – OM3G4 G3N3SIS [Album]
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01. Rat Masters
02. Hanscom Hid34way FT. Conny Franko
03. Most Wanted FT. Keii
04. Essence Pooling
05. My Cousin is a Mutant FT. Jason Steady
06. Violen†ine
07. Mushmouth FT. Vahnevants
08. Dusk FT. Sleep Sinatra
09. Yellow Body Bags FT. S1SW(r0t)
10. Death Cap…
11. Hunters FT. Misiu
12. Fire Flying (Forever)
13. Will of the Donkeys FT. Cousin Kyler
14. Telephenomenon
15. Beware Of The Heavens FT. INFNTLP
16. Esc Key

Haunted Gauntlet – OM3G4 G3N3SIS

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

OM3G4 G3N3SIS is the 4th solo release by Haunted Gauntlet.
This experimental album is a lo fi beat experimentation in blessence featuring 9+ cousin collaborators sprinkling their skills all over original genre bending compositions. The album was recorded in Gifford Park on planet Earth.