Puerto Rican Space Program – P R S P [Album] [2016]

Puerto Rican Space Program – P R S P [Album]
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01. Same Drone (We’ve Started) w/ King Britt
02. Fivetwentynine Atonal
03. Monsters
04. Crack Rock Park
05. Take What They Want
06. Don’t Laugh (Slicker)
07. Speak, My Piece Feat. P.F.M.
08. Alive
09. New Song, New Life

Puerto Rican Space Program – P R S P

Also Available On: Limited edition, hand painted LP – edition of 100

This neighborhood.
Full of experiences few long to relive.
Multitudes of stories to forget.
Territory to money-make shrinks and murderous thoughts expand.
Perceptions to change over time.
Stolen spirits to commemorate.

It’s the soul slip that I am feeling

P R S P offers a glimpse from both a street level and literal bird’s eye view into Overtown- a Miami neighborhood rich in history, yet overran by drugs, violence, and death. In the time it took to create this LP, many long time residents lost housing, safety, and a few who chose more dangerous paths, their lives. This album is as much an escape as it is documentation; a disrupt of the surrounding calamity.
The claustrophobic city blocks on which wars erupt over money, drugs, and territory are mere specks in the vast expanse of the cosmos. The plea is to set the mind on things above…
“They can’t kick us out of space. They can’t kick us out of outer space.”