Lost Son – Flying Colors [Beat Tape] [2018]

Lost Son – Flying Colors [Beat Tape]
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01. What’s Your World
02. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me
03. Summer Rain
04. Cloverleaf
05. You’re the Finest
06. Paradise Found
07. Love Jones
08. May Bells
09. Beat to Make Love to
10. Waves and Clouds

Lost Son – Flying Colors

After a year and a half, I’m proud and happy to present to you “Flying Colors”. I feel that everything has been leading to this moment. All the changes, the realizations, the hiatus and other ups and downs, brought me here and formed this beattape.

As for the content, if you’re familiar with any of my previous material, you’ll quickly understand that this time around things are different. I really wanted to go for a soulful experience, so I picked appropriate tracks to sample, with the biggest challenge being that most of these tracks had already been sampled by beatmakers I look up to. But it was an amazing process, and thankfully I’m a fan of the final result.

Before “Flying Colors”, everything was about Theodore, the young man and his thoughts. This one is for Lost Son, the beatmaker. Hope you enjoy it. Stay safe.