Dusty G – Concrete Forest [Beat Tape] [2018]

Dusty G – Concrete Forest [Beat Tape]
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01. Snow in Brazil
02. Snack Attack
03. Buzzed
04. Intoxicated
05. Thin Ice
06. Waltz in A
07. Air Conditioned Nightmare
08. Wind Chill
09. Coulda Woulda Shoulda
10. Key to the City
11. The Badlands
12. Moon March
13. Heads or Tails?
14. Darwin’s Dance
15. Oh Boy!
16. Travel Buddy
17. Sierra
18. Home Made
19. Jimmy’s Jazz
20. Well Done

Dusty G – Concrete Forest

“Concrete Forest” is the first full length album from NYC based producer Dusty G. The music is a product of a battle between two states of mind. The first: the city mindset. Anyone who has lived in NYC or any major city knows that day to day life comes with extreme highs and lows. The second: the solitude mindset. The growing appeal of disappearing into the woods to live a simpler life, devoid of the problems we create for ourselves every day.

The result is this 20-track instrumental journey through the brightest highs and the darkest lows. There is a little bit of everything, from grimy hip-hop beats to laid back soul and Brazilian melodies. Something for everyone, whether you’re looking to tune out, or tune in.