Touch A.C. & Dr. Dundiff – Death [Album] [2018]

Touch A.C. & Dr. Dundiff – Death [Album]
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01. For Ever(yone)
02. False Profits
03. Every Cliff and Tomb
04. Archetype Abject
05. I AM
06. Heatwave
07. Jumper Cables
08. Slow Burner
09. Won Weak
10. On That Ship
11. The Morning Sun
12. Thank You

Touch A.C. & Dr. Dundiff – Death

Louisville, Ky based producer Dr. Dundiff (Jakarta Records) teams back up with Louisville based rapper Touch A.C. for there full length follow up to their 2015 ep “Page of Cups” Sticking with the Tarot Card theme, the duo present the 12 track album “Death”. Touch A.C. is a lyrical rapper who speaks on his own life stories as well as reflecting on the state of the world today. Touch’s rhymes paired with Dundiff’s soulful hip-hop sound create a perfect album that can be played front to back.