Various Artist – First Sips [Compilation] [2018]

Various Artist – First Sips [Compilation]
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01. bluørangee – heart microwave
02. TiMT – I’m back
03. point5 aka navigate – This can’t be
04. SENSEI40 – beat821
05. b0nds – life on mars
06. j.b. green – nevagoodb4
07. audi bamer – a m n e s i a
08. toetensen – duisburgs finest
09. Wizard of Loneliness – stagger home
10. ƒreddy.ƒisk – Feels
11. Dr. Doppler – tmbte

Various Artist – First Sips

It was a long time dream to start a label. This is the first “Hello World” of the label called “Liquor Spill”.

I asked these 11 artists that hail from Austria, Germany, Greece, Japan, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Italy and the USA. All of ’em were ready to support me with a track of theirs, even though there was no Label yet and I was a no-name in the biz.

The tracks are compiled in the way you can enjoy a little travel through modern, craftful beatmaking and so you get an idea in which directions Liquor Spill could be active in the future.

That said: I’m really happy with the beats I got and hope so are you, dear downloader. Hope you get interested in what this label and the artists of this compilation are making in the future.

Big thanks (in alphabetical order) to .5 aka navigate, audi bamer, bluørangee, b0nds, Dr. Doppler, ƒreddy.ƒisk, j.b. green, sensei40, TiMT, toetensen & Wizard of Loneliness.
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Thanks a lot to my graphics guy Phlop Frei, who designed the CI and the cover to this release!
Check him out here:

Have fun with these 11 tracks and thanks for checking out the music!

Mr. Liquor Spill