TrueHoustonEmcee – Those Were the Days LP [Album] [2017]

TrueHoustonEmcee – Those Were the Days LP [Album]
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01. What the f*** is this in my eardrums?
02. I don’t wanna chill
03. My cell phone is off
04. Those were the days
05. I was lost but I was free (Prod NuRecluse)
06. Faded Black (Prod jakkwin)
07. That’s all I wrote…
08. moonlit sidewalk
09. moonlit sidewalk Remix (Prod DJ Lonely)

TrueHoustonEmcee – Those Were the Days LP

This is my very first full vocal album since I quit rapping. I am not known as a rapper, I am a music producer first more than anything. This album contains songs I’ve written that are special and unique to me and I want to share it as art. The album is produced of lo-fi beats produced by myself with features from jakkwin and DJ Lonely. All beats are produced by me unless stated otherwise in the track titles.The vocals are recorded on low quality equipment which sort of adds on to the lo-fi gritty texture of the instrumentals. This album will also be for promoting my upcoming beattape. Thank you for hearing my story and enjoy the music!