Fatb – Galleta [Beat Tape] [2017]

Fatb – Galleta [Beat Tape]
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01. Triplet trice feat. plusma
02. Kimochi feat. saito
03. Muttsee feat. drwn.
04. Lotus flower feat. sleepdealer
05. Check It Out feat. otesla
06. Random shit feat. oxela
07. Hardest part feat. saiko
08. Wull up feat. m a n n y .
09. People in the front feat. rob smyles
10. Plantains feat. wūf
11. Maybe feat. Indius
12. Platitudes feat. rzuma
13. Platypus feat. Dweeb
14. Happy kid feat. fushou.
15. Leitmotiv feat. GXNZX
16. Missing feat. O d e e n o

Fatb – Galleta

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