Elyon – Lullaby for the Spirits [Instrumental Album] [2017]

Elyon – Lullaby for the Spirits [Instrumental Album]
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01. Run
02. Fish Basket
03. Fire Talk
04. Floating Through the Cosmos
05. Snow
06. Pendulum
07. Studying His Minutiae
08. When the Stars Cry
09. Lamenting Beneath the Moon
10. Lily Petals
11. Time Walking on Memory
12. Andante
13. Someday

Elyon – Lullaby for the Spirits

“Lullaby for the Spirits” is a story between a man and a woman. These two start out their journey as two best friends, but as time visits and leaves, their relationships start to become more than just “friends.” Million questions about what is right and what is wrong. What it really means to be in love. What is love, exactly? Trying to overcome the fear of the unknown, trying to find “the answers” to these infatuations, tossing and turning, trying to find the brief moment of comfort as you endlessly wrestle with the cosmos of fear, joy, confusion, and contemplation. Love can be so simply complex.

Some have no problem diving in and working it out from within, while some are scared to even dip their toes in. Who is to say which method is right or wrong? We all have made mistakes in the past, we all know and understand the weight of brokenness and the pain of having that special moment, memories, love, taken away from us. I wanted to open up my wounds and analyze the fragments and pray over the shadows that have been dragging me down. Why? To finally recuperate from my past failed pinnacle attachment, and attain the greatest lesson of human relationships.

This album is not ‘just’ about romantic relationships, but relationships that are dear to us, from enemies to friends, from lovers… more