Rhyming Joints – EP 2 [E.P.] [2017]

Rhyming Joints – EP 2 [E.P.]
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01. Rain
02. Excorcist
03. Autumn
04. Sailing
05. Excursion
06. Interlude
07. This Country Town Ain’t For You

Rhyming Joints – EP 2

2nd EP of the Smokin’ Joints Raw Beats Series!

This shit is perfect for your “smoke” break at work! Go around that corner, light up, press play, and enjoy a full musical experience in 10 minutes! You still got time to take a piss, eat a snack, shoot the shit, etc.

You don’t smoke? No problem. You need a break from your bitching co-workers and asshole/bitch boss. We all do. Put on your headphones and block those bastards out! For real. Fuck ’em. Fuck ’em to hell!

You need a proper break, and I got you!

Puff & pass these joints with me! Peace!