Acclimated Assassin – Together [Beat Tape] [2017]

Acclimated Assassin – Together [Beat Tape]
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01. Together (Intro)
02. Aye
03. Understand
04. How Can I Be Free?
05. Care For You (Interlude)
06. Better With Age
07. Silver Lining
08. The Strut (Interlude)
09. Sure Of It
10. Under The Blue Sky
11. Got To Make It
12. The First Time
13. Ride (Interlude)
14. Hello
15. Much Too Long
16. A Time Past
17. It’s You (My Fire)
18. My Crown
19. No One Left

Acclimated Assassin – Together

For my second beat tape of the year I thought I should release some of the smoother tracks I’ve made over the past year or so. With summer coming to a close, the soul influence of “Together” is a great way to keep the vibe flowing all year round.