Žiga Murko & wuf – Mist Of Dreams [Beat Tape] [2017]

Žiga Murko & wuf – Mist Of Dreams [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Gawd Ah
03. Harsh Love
04. Ancient Dreams
05. Fuck The Feds
06. Dolphin
07. Red District xxxx
08. Hollywood Blvd
09. Playas
10. End Of An Illusion
11. Mist
12. G Skit (interlude)
13. Mine
14. Larry P
15. Bamboo
16. That’s Where I’d Rather Be
17. L.A. Sax
18. Love On 3rd Sight
19. Slow Dawn
20. La Notte
21. Sensui
22. Getting Old For This Shit
23. Leo’s Life
24. Relaxing In The Vineyard
25. Slow Feelings
26. Bad Press Is Good Publicity
27. Today News
28. 1st

Žiga Murko & wuf – Mist Of Dreams

Also Available On: [Vinyl] Mist Of Dreams LP

Take a walk on a misty dark alley. Unfathomable shapes are forming in the distance. Where are you? What day is it? How did you even end up here? You notice a light over yonder and walk towards it. The closer you get to the light you start hearing music, the light turns out to be coming from a music club. The place is packed, filled with smoke there’s a stage and you notice two silhouettes playing music. A table is free so you sit down and order a drink, whisky, dry. The melody is familiar but you can’t quite figure it out. Then you wake up. It was all a dream, the music is still there in your mind, you’ll be humming it for the rest of the day. You don’t want to forget it, it’s a familiar tune but you can’t figure it out. People ask you what you’re humming but you can’t explain it. That evening after work, you take your usual walk back home and start hearing music in the distance. The music is very familiar. You decide to change your course and walk towards it. It’s an open air festival, you walk among the crowd and on the stage you see two silhouettes. It’s Žiga Murko & wuf!

Mist of Dreams is the collaboration album between two amazing producers respectively from Slovenia & Italy. Lo-fi and instrumental hip hop fans are in for a treat! If you like the dusty crackling of a vinyl and listening to some fresh beats and inventive cuts and bass lines. You’re in the right place. This isn’t just another lo-fi beat album though, it brings lots of original ideas. A hazy atmosphere and retro theme as well as very satisfying jazzy and funky theme.
The album comes with the beautiful original art by graphic novel illustrator Bernad Kolle.