Wizard of Loneliness ⚉ Ohm-N-I – [night swim] [Beat Tape] [2017]

Wizard of Loneliness ⚉ Ohm-N-I – [night swim] [Beat Tape]
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01. Secret Squirrel Has Just What You Need – Ohm-N-I
02. Harvy Birdman At 11 At Night – Ohm-N-I
03. Master Shake Blows The Lock Off – Ohm-N-I
04. Captian Murphy’s Hard Nipples – Ohm-N-I
05. The Brak Show On Adult Swim – Ohm-N-I
06. Space Ghost Is Not Interesting – Ohm-N-I
07. Evil Sandwich – Ohm-N-I
08. Pirate Radio 2021 – Ohm-N-I
09. Watch The Fume Tonight At 10 EST – Ohm-N-I
10. Anime Belongs On Toonami – Ohm-N-I
11. Parents Strongly Cautioned – Wizard Of Loneliness
12. All Kids Out Of The Pool – Wizard Of Loneliness
13. Gundam Wing At 530 PM – Wizard Of Loneliness
14. The Big O At 12am – Wizard Of Loneliness
15. Outlaw Star At 6.5 pm – Wizard Of Loneliness
16. フェイ・Cowboy Bebop・ヴァレンタイン – Wizard Of Loneliness
17. Trigun At Midnight – Wizard Of Loneliness

Wizard of Loneliness ⚉ Ohm-N-I – [night swim]

Also Available On: [night swim] – Wizard of Loneliness / Ohm-N-I Split Cassette Ltd. Ed.

Somewhere in the depths of space, at a time and place undisclosed to government officials, a signal from a long thought abandoned space station was intercepted. Code named [night swim] the frequencies received relayed a schematic of late night broadcasts which held such force as to be pushed into the outer regions of the galaxy for the safety of this system’s civilians.

Now, through a fluke in government handling (surprise surprise) these files have been leaked to the general public for their unmitigated consumption. It’s time to let the saints of late night roam free. Time to let the spirits of space inhabit your being. It’s time for a night swim.