LEX718 – Ears Open. (beat tape) [Beat Tape] [2017]

LEX718 – Ears Open. (beat tape) [Beat Tape]
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01. Evening Fades Into Night
02. Muscle Relaxer
03. Style Stepper
04. River Strut
05. Venom Vendor
06. Dinner at the Pier
07. The Beyonder
08. One With All
09. Strolldsmobile
10. Pork Fried Dice

LEX718 – Ears Open. (beat tape)

Also Available On: Pre-Order: Mouth Shut. Ears Open. (deluxe edition CD)

This project is the sequel to the previously released “Mouth Shut.” beat tape. “Ears Open.” is a 10 track compilation of loop based beats that have not previously been selected for use. Feel free to download these and use them as you please. All I ask is that you credit: LEX718 if you decide to release any recorded material over them.