Jazzdrip – MSCFRMSLF [Beat Tape] [2017]

Jazzdrip – MSCFRMSLF [Beat Tape]
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01. Samurai
02. Natural Calming
03. Special Place
04. For The Mind
05. Rise and Shine

06. Better For Me
07. Desperately Trying
08. Memories
09. Fire
10. Let Go

Jazzdrip – MSCFRMSLF

Also Available On: Limited Cassette of 20 – Black Shell / J Card or Limited Cassette of 20 – Aqua Blue Shell / J Card Variant

Hamburg based, full time hiphop head Jazzdrip has been B-boying and teaching for 15 years. Inspired by Jazz, soul and breaks he welcomes us into his musical world with MSCFRMSLF.

“it’s my first album and I made it for myself. And by that I mean creating a sound without boundaries or limits.. Something that is exactly for my taste. “