Sam Brown – The Wait [Beat Tape] [2017]

Sam Brown – The Wait [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro (feat. Nottz)
02. Me 0
03. Anthem
04. Can’t Knock The Hustle
05. Heaven’s Watching You
06. Young Anakin (feat. Robert Akins III)
07. Looped Up 00:59
08. Riden Down South (feat. Phil Phlaymz)
09. LegSweep Radio
10. Ode To De La
11. It Ain’t All Good
12. Love
13. For The Light
14. Reflections Of Three Feet
15. My Man
16. Dilla’s Night Out
17. Don’t Front
18. On And Pop
19. Infamous
20. Death Is Calling (feat. Ellsworth)
21. People (feat. Rock Frost)
22. I Wanna Be With You (feat. Wordsworth)
23. Master Of The Lonely Drum (feat. Louis)
24. Port City (feat. Median)
25. Hip Hop
26. Dreams Of Meeting Pete Rock
27. Ode to Gang Starr

Sam Brown – The Wait

“The Wait” is an instrumental album by Sam Brown produced for his favorite MCs. The 27 track album includes guest verses by Nottz, Robert Akins III, Phil Phlaymz, Ellsworth, Rock Frost, Wordsworth, Louis and Median.

Sam Brown says: “This project was put together to show what I would do if I was in the room waiting for that artist to come or if I had the opportunity to work with and what kind of direction I would want to take the artist in. The featured artists were the ones in mind.”