Hashetic Front Records – BeatmaKINGS CD1 [Compilation] [2017]

Hashetic Front Records – BeatmaKINGS CD1 [Compilation]
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01. Grillo – VMSY
02. Jerry Mistic – One
03. Bonbooze – Ladies
04. Black Hash – Etic
05. Grabe – DLS
06. Dj Jad – Magical
07. Dj El D – Late Nght !!
08. Ciro Mont – The Outtake
09. NuBourbon – Some1sh_t
10. Yambù – Belief
11. Mastafive – Flower Down
12. CBRTGR – Diamond is Unbreakable
13. Gheto Soffittaman – Un’ora Soul
14. Jayl Uroboros – Flyyinha
15. Tomo Cezen – Liberty
16. Dj Uncino – Du-Da
17. Raini – The Way of the Empty Hand

Hashetic Front Records – BeatmaKINGS CD1

BeatmaKINGS is a painting depicting this wonderful discipline in its many facets: a common denominator Hip Hop instrumental listen tending to Soul, to ‘RnB, Jazz and all’ abstract, but also Hardcore beats and even a hint of Trap.

It ‘a very comprehensive work that embraces sampling such as electronics more thrust, passing by the extreme lucidity of some pieces to the crease deliberately Lo-Fi others.

What unites during instrument #beatmaKINGS is not so kind, but the constant musical research, aimed at creating something ordinary – albeit the result of multiple influences – or emblematic tradition.

In short, 34 beatmakers for the true picture of the Italian scene in 2017!