LordGio – dogsofsandora​/​/​LODREMIXES [Beat Tape] [2017]

LordGio – dogsofsandora​/​/​LODREMIXES [Beat Tape]
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01. in
02. blutzwave
03. moon.dagger
04. v0lcano
05. riverfall//seeds
06. kiwi
07. knightfall

LordGio – dogsofsandora​/​/​LODREMIXES

The Legend of Dragoon is one of my favorite videogames of all time. Not only did it feature an amazing story, a diverse cast of characters, and an intriguingly original spin on the traditional JRPG style of gameplay, but if you’ve ever played this game, you’ll know that an immediate standout is it’s soundtrack.

Looking at the direction I’ve taken with my music, replaying this game recently made me realize that it is possibly one of the BIGGEST influences on my sound. More than the just the soundtrack however, but the environments, the sound effects, the user interfaces. This being one of the earliest games I can ever remember playing has more than likely influenced my entire artistic aesthetic, so I decided to make this project to pay homage to it.

This tape is a collection of remixes to the songs on the game’s soundtrack. I hope you enjoy, and here’s to the dream of Sony one day picking this title back up to do a reboot of some sort.