RA Washington – Dookie Behringer / DELOFI & LeRoi da Moor / aLiVE [Album] [2017]

RA Washington – Dookie Behringer / DELOFI & LeRoi da Moor / aLiVE [Album]
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01. Dookie Behringer – Astro Plains
02. Dookie Behringer – Ambition
03. Dookie Behringer – Sirens Blue Red
04. Dookie Behringer – Gifts
05. Dookie Behringer – Lay Hands (redux)
06. Dookie Behringer – Vanguard Youth
07. Dookie Behringer – interlude
08. Dookie Behringer – Jackos
09. Dookie Behringer – Cash Rules Horn
10. Dookie Behringer – Digi
11. Dookie Behringer – Organ Grind
12. Dookie Behringer – Luvs
13. Dookie Behringer – Wanna Know
14. Dookie Behringer – Fragments
15. LeRoi da Moor – Elegy For Mic Theo
16. LeRoi da Moor – Night Invasion
17. LeRoi da Moor – Return
18. LeRoi da Moor – 3rd Wave
19. LeRoi da Moor – Nickel Formations
20. LeRoi da Moor – Give It
21. LeRoi da Moor – The Tix
22. LeRoi da Moor – Not Music (feat. aLiVE)
23. LeRoi da Moor – reprise
24. LeRoi da Moor – Light Wastoid (feat. G.O.R.K.) *CASSETTE-ONLY BONUS TRACK*

RA Washington – Dookie Behringer / DELOFI & LeRoi da Moor / aLiVE

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Our brother from Cleveland, RA Washington is a renaissance man of sorts. His catalog nimbly jumps across all media forms. The accomplished writer, poet, organizer, and thinker is also a banging-ass musician. He has long been the mind behind the label Cleveland Tapes and is currently the producer of the futuristic soul quartet, Mourning [A] BLKstar. It is an honor for us to present his first physical cassette tape.

Three Cleveland-bred friends unite to create. RA Washington stars as both Dookie Behringer and LeRoi da Mooi with production by DELOFI (DIRTY TAPES) and aLiVE (MuAmin Collective, OBNOX, Insect Records), respectively. Dookie Behringer is your dirty uncle who used to be a Black Panther and fuck with Eartha Kitt. LeRoi da Moor is RA Washington’s Hip Hop/art historian alter ego. Part bard, part electrician, part collage artist. Prolific. Artist/artist.

Side A, or the “East Side”, features lyrics by Dookie Behringer and production by DELOFI.

Side B, or the “West Side”, features LeRoi da Moor on the mic and aLiVE on production.