1990 & 1 – A​[​n​]​alog S​[​u​]​shi [Beat Tape] [2017]

1990 & 1 – A​[​n​]​alog S​[​u​]​shi [Beat Tape]
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01. AreUGonnaLuvMe
02. Sticky Keyz
03. Night Shift
04. Scrolling Thru Da Park
05. Working On It (Interlude)
06. Wolf’s Theme
07. H[o]wl
08. C’est La Vie
09. Kwenda »»
10. Natural
11. Strictly Jazz (Interlude)
12. Castle Rock
13. Blue Note (Interlude)
14. Waves

1990 & 1 – A​[​n​]​alog S​[​u​]​shi

“What’s on the Menu?”

As any producer worth their bit rate knows, chopping samples and blending them into seamless orchestrations is an art form all to its own. There used to be a time when all one needed to make hit records was a drum machine, a stack of wax and an emcee. Though times have changed, the producer 1990 & 1 sticks to his guns.

Hailing from the New York State of Mind, 1990 & 1 composes his beats entirely on the Roland SP404, a vintage drum machine from 2005 that has since been discontinued. When asked about his process and if he’d ever give up sampling, this is what 1990 & 1 had to say. “Sampling is an integral part of my process. It’s in my DNA and I couldn’t put it down if I tried.” Get that dust out of your ears and bump this.