Marzmello – If Nobody Cares & Scumbagjazz [Beat Tape] [2017]

Marzmello – If Nobody Cares & Scumbagjazz [Beat Tape]
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01. Just Business
02. Pillow Fight
03. Give the Drum None
04. Native I
05. Running
06. Sound Bombing
07. Trouble Bones
08. The Grey
09. Punch Fight
10. Tragic
11. Inspiration
12. Gibberish
13. Drugs & Other Things
14. DreamMello 2
15. How Random Can it be
16. Bad Kisser
17. 1 Puff 2 Puff
18. Paperboy
19. Last Call Tokyo
20. 30 for 30
21. Scumbag Raaandy
22. Savage
23. Breakin’
24. Drum-a-dum-dum
25. Drums About Nothing
26. The MarzMello Trio
27. The FANtastic
28. Long Drive to Nowhere

Marzmello – If Nobody Cares & Scumbagjazz

Coming fresh off of a collaboration album with label mate Shinobi Stalin 2016’s “Scumbagjazz : An exercise in Patience” BeermoneyUNLTD continues to barrel down 2017 a 28-track album courtesy of MarzMello. His first instrumental album under the brand, is a sonic journey, ranging through Hip Hop, Soul, Chillout and his brand of ScumbagjJazz.

Set in phases the album starts with hard drums, aggressive chops then smooths out to a mellow path. It’s far to easy to lose yourself in the rhythms, while some tracks feel to short others make up for in being just right. Marz himself dubbed this project “long overdue and almost didn’t happen” due to working with others. So good people of earth press play, take a drive, a walk run or workout whatever you do and let the music keep you company.