Kafari – Knockturnes [Beat Tape] [2016]

Kafari – Knockturnes [Beat Tape]
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01. twylyte
02. aromatik romantic
03. presenting
04. eskape velocity
05. ghost tale
06. moon angel
07. tyme skales
08. witness
09. spirit tunnel
10. serendipity
11. in time
12. losing today
13. ocean echoes
14. retrospekt

Kafari – Knockturnes

This album is dedicated to the Bill Evans trio. (and its many iterations)

‘Knockturnes’ is the culmination of a sampling experiment that began on a snowy night in Maine in December 2014. Each song on the album is based on a single two to four-second repeating loop taken from a Bill Evans trio recording. As the loop for a particular song cycles continuously, a keyboard controller is used to alter the register of the loop in real time – this changes not only the pitch of the loop but the tempo as well, giving rise to a new chord progression, melody, and time signature within the modulated sample.