Josh Augustin – Farewells [Beat Tape] [2016]

Josh Augustin – Farewells [Beat Tape]
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01. What You’re Going To Hear About… [Intro]
02. A Bowl and a Spoon (I Make Beats)
03. I’m Out Now
04. Farewells
05. Rewind This
06. Bow Down
07. Pumpitup [Interlude]
08. Cal and Lionel
09. Javelins
10. Jazz Talk
11. Bounce
12. Know Best
13. Straight Society [Interlude]
14. Friedland/Relyea
15. Tough Choices
16. Familiar Territory [Interlude]
17. The Rumor Ox [Intro]
18. The Rumor Ox
19. Feb 6 (Chopped n screwed//instrumental)
20. Beat for Dontae
21. Vaporwave is Not a Joke feat. Home, Blank Banshee, Macintosh Plus, and Brian Eno 😉
22. Interludes [Interlude]
23. The Final Farewell

Josh Augustin – Farewells

Also Available On: Farewells Limited Edition High-Bias Cassette

A farewell to all the people, experiences, and places from the last four years of my life. Produced on the MPC 2500 over the last two months.